about us


Mr. Car is the most trusted place for trading cars in the country. We bring buyers and sellers together with our simple platform. Our vision is to organize the used car market and remain the most trusted name in the industry. We believe that buying a used car should be as seamless as buying a new one. We stand behind our cars and we are gearing up to drive our business into the fast lane.


Our founders, Navneet Nanda and Harjinder Nanda, began their entrepreneurial journey in 2002 with A.S. Auto Credit. Their plan was to help car buyers finance used cars. They soon realized that the used car market was disorganized. They decided that this needed to change.

In November 2010, they launched ​a Mr. Car outlet in New Delhi to simplify used car trading. Mr. Car is a network that connects used car dealers, sellers, leasing companies, corporates, and car aggregators to the right buyers. By streamlining the sales process, Mr. Car has now grown to become the most trusted place to buy a used car in the country. Since we only list cars that have passed our comprehensive inspection, our buyers can rest assured that they are buying a quality car. Our sellers are always glad to know that we provide them with accurate valuations. This way, our sellers are guaranteed to receive a fair market price for their beloved car.

From its humble beginnings, Mr. Car has grown from one outlet to three outlets, two franchises and a showroom in Mumbai! There is much more still to come, and we can’t wait to see you on the road ahead!

navneet nanda

cheif executive officer

With over a decade of experience in the automotive industry, Navneet knows his cars. Prior to starting Mr. Car, Navneet founded Dream Carz, a monthly auto magazine. As a car enthusiast himself, Navneet believes that cars are meant to be passed on. After experiencing the complexities of buying a used car, Navneet decided that he could change the way it’s done. Today, Navneet has already set up three showrooms in Delhi/NCR and one in Mumbai.

Harjinder Nanda

Managing Director

Harjinder already had ten years of industry experience before co-founding Mr. Car. Years ago, Harjinder set out to buy a used car and realized that there were many gaps in the buying process. He noticed how disorganized it was to find a quality used car, acquire reasonable financing and secure insurance. Now, Harjinder heads up our finance and operations team and has found solutions to each of those problems. He believes that every car sold should come with quality guarantees, easy financing and insurance.

Mr. Car is the most trusted place for trading cars in the country, and it’s all thanks to our crew! Since we started in 2010, our team has grown into our family. Our diverse bunch of people make up the engine of Mr. Car but we are always looking for new parts! If you think you’re ready to become a part of our driving force, take a look at our available openings below: